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Love Story: I Lost Her For Pride

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I wish I could reciprocate your love for me
In my toughest hour you eased my pains
At my lowest time you lighted up my spirit
At the verge of dispair you brought to me courage and hope
I was broken you gathered my pieces and brought out my whole again.
Obianghelli! My Nightingale
I traveled miles away from you
You shaded the cold and shiver
Hallucinating about my return
Anticipating Friday or Saturday
I wasn’t there even when you called
I couldn’t pick nor return your love.
Mma Eno-Mfonobong Abasi! My Laurel
I believed you were not my class and type
I kept following Chioma
Nnoma’s elder sister
Who was also eyeing Sylvester
Who never allowed her to have a siesta.
I realized myself when Esther told me you’ve been approached by money gangster
Then I ran to your younger sister Francisca
She told me you were already falling for this money monster.
When Sunday came
I rushed to your compound to ask mum what was going on
Then I met a crowd under canopies with beautiful saree and galore of laughter
Cheering the man who was proclaimed as your suitor.
I summoned courage to step a little further
At the balcony where sat your father
To ask him why he’s decided to truncate his order
Giving my bride to another to marry
Then he yelled at me with these wonder words
“I give my daughter to a man who’s ready to cater and take absolute care of my posterity when I’m gone absolutely not nuisance like yourself boy”.
As I put my gear on reverse
To cover my prideful glare with my miserable pillow
Then I heard the voice of Bellian my beloved who whispered to me with a subtle voice saying; ” my dear JOHNSON EYOHSON IMMAN you were the greatest Laurel I have ever lived to contend for but thanks to Blessing, Becky, Rebecca and Bisola who won the race of your heart at my expense to enable me discover this true happiness which have never been experienced fighting for your love”.

Those words went to my spine
I realized i lost true love and perfection for pride and class
Then I screamed aloud these words “Celine my heaven come back to me”
She turned around and walked away with all my potentials.

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