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Mdundo African Free Music Platform 2021 Review

Mdundo is one of the top music Service in Africa the co-founder / CEO is Martin Møller Nielsen

Mdundo Is A Free music site that that earn their own money through Advertisement and they pays artists for their music streamed or downloaded by sharing 50% of profit from adverts with artists

Martin Moller Nielsen is the co-founder and CEO of Mdundo. He located to Kenya in year 2012 as an Entrepreneur in place for 88mph, an African investment fund with focus on early stage tech startups in Kenya. Mdundo has grown and extended rapidly for the past 5 years to one of Africa’s leading music services primarily from Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana.

The company collaborate with musicians across Africa and has signed a licensing deal with Warner Music Group. The purpose is to provide music addicts easy and affordable access to free music

With Mdundo You can stream and Download any sort of music on your mobile or device for free. You can also upload music on it for free.

In recent times, Mdundo and One of the largest most used web browser Opera Mini partners together which make Opera users to stream and enjoy thousands of music on their opera Mini browser

Mdundo also partners with AudioLock in order to fight music piracy.
African streaming service Mdundo has partnered with anti-piracy service called AudioLock to tackle the unlicensed distribution of musical content.

The new partnership aspire to boost sales for song owners and labels using the the Africa largest music Mdundo platform. Mdundo says AudioLock has removed more than one hundred and eighty one thousand infringing links for African music from No.1 largest Search engine “Google search” alone.

Mdundo Said “The removal process involves automated scanning of the Internet for infringing links to the African songs,”

“This is a automated process that AudioLock has been regularly developing through technical advances in its platform since year 2010. Mdundo is currently carrying the cost of tackling these links to access unlicensed African music.”

Mdundo Co-founder Martin Moller Nielsen said: “We’re excited about these results, the team and I are always considering new ways to help musicians earn more revenues and provide them with more of the tools available globally.

“Music lovers are rarely aware of the legitimacy of the music websites they are making use of. This initiative will guide the users to the best places in Africa to access music legally without interfering with the user experience.”

AudioLock founder and CEO Ben Rush said: “AudioLock is about to celebrate 10 years of working within the international music industry, during which time we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

“With this partnership, we have used that expertise to identify and resolve key challenges which are unique to the exploitation that artists and all those working in the African music industry have faced.

You can visit Mdundo through this link https://mdundo.com/ or you can also download the app on Playstore

After visiting the link as a first timer you’d be asked to select your country, kindly select your country in order to listen to your local music online.

I hope with this review of mine,you have been able to know more about the African Largest Music “Mdundo.”

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