2 Things Men Should do to a Woman At 5am And She Will Never Leave You.

Things Men Should do to a Woman At 5am And She Will Never Leave You.
One of the intricate parts of a relationship is creating lovely memories that will melt the hearts of the partners if crises arise.

If you don’t have money to tie a lady down, there are other things you can do sexually. Women love sex, although they are slow to admit it in public.

The best time to have sex is very early in the morning. It is the best time to get the best physical conditions in human beings. So at 4 am, you might want to try the few ideas I have listed below:

1. Softly caress her body:
As she is sleeping right beside you, slowly massage her tummy and move to her chest region. Explore her breasts, bum, and hips gently. This will leave her half-awake and put her slightly in the mood for sex. Some kisses to the body might also be advantageous.

2. Go for the breasts:
Once she doesn’t show much resistance; my brother, go for the mammary glands. Rub it softly without keen interest. She will start to loosen up and move her legs around. Once you get that confirmation, grab her nipples and tease them with your tongues. Lick those things like a lollipop.

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