Things you should know, If Someone hurt you with love

Things you should know, If Someone hurt you with love

So many people today just throw around the word ´Love´. It´s such a shame because they don´t realize how much it affects people.

This is what i want you to understand, just because someone told you that they loved you and didn´t mean it doesn´t mean that love doesn´t exist.

Just because you believe them and it wasn´t true, doesn´t mean that you shouldn´t believe in love.

See, love dont hurt, someone who doesn´t know how to love hurt . Just because they didn´t mean it, doesn´t mean that there isn´t someone out there who does mean it, who will want to love you, who will want to say it and mean it and believe it.

Don´t write off love just because someone didn´t know how to love you properly. And i know it´s hard right now and it may not make sense, but there is someone out there who will say it and mean it.

And Imagine being with someone in your whole life, externally, but internally, they´re not sure they´re with the right person.

Imagine spending your whole life with someone but in the back of their minds doesn´t think about moving forward with you..

Imagine spending your whole life with someone who would´ve left you, who feels like they should have..

And remember , at your best you´ll never be right for the wrong person, but even at your worst, the right person will always remind you of your worth.
So don’t give up in love or think love doesn’t exist.

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